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America's Leading Dual Tire Pressure Equalization System.
Saves You Time and Money

Crossfire is factory pre-set 50 - 150 psi in 5 lb increments.  
Please write the desired psi in the "notes" section of the order form during check out.

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Crossfire with Rubber Hose where XX is the pressure setting

16 in.




Crossfire with Heavy Duty Rubber Hoses where XX is the pressure Setting

16 in.





Crossfire with Stainless Steel Hoses where XX is the pressure setting

16 in.




Super Single Crossfire with Rubber Hoses where XX is the pressure Setting

16 in.





Super Single Crossfire with Stainless Steel Hoses where XX is the pressure setting

16 in.


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Dual tires have a set of problems all their own. In motion, the inner tire's temperature increases due to in-board brakes and poor air circulation. This causes increased air pressure, which expands the inner tire's diameter. As a result, the dual tire configuration is now distorted- the diameters are unequal.

The Crossfire Dual Tire Pressure Equalization system:

bulletmaximizes tire life
bulletdecreases rolling resistance for increased fuel mileage
bulletcuts maintenance time due to single-point inflation and the visual pressure gauge
bulletimproves stability, braking and overall safety
bulletinstalls in minutes and requires little maintenance
bulletpays for itself in less than a year
bulletAmerican-made and guaranteed for two years

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How Crossfire works

Crossfire is a pressure equalizing and monitoring valve that is mounted between dual tires. It bolts easily to the lug, hub cap, or drive axle end. Properly mounted, air freely flows from one tire to the other, maintaining equal tire pressure and load distribution.

To fully appreciate how the Crossfire system can add 20% or more life to your tires, let's look at a few problems.

Crossfire Under-Inflation

Crossfire Over-Inflation


20% under-inflation can cause a minimum 30% loss in tire life expectancy.

With just a glance from as far away as 20 feet, the Crossfire pressure equalizing valve indicates an under-inflation problem.


20% over-inflation can cause a minimum 10% loss in tire life expectancy.

The Crossfire pressure equalizing valve signals an over-inflation problem which can dramatically shorten tire life.

Crossfire With Proper Air Pressure 

Proper Inflation

Mounted correctly,  Crossfire's yellow indicator verifies that air is flowing freely from one tire to the other, equalizing the load.

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The Road

The pavement itself causes problems that affect tire wear. Because highways are not perfectly flat, the pavement causes unequal tire loading. As these charts indicate, the Crossfire system drastically reduces problems created by the road.

Duals Without Crossfire

Inside Tire
bullet110% + Tire Load
bulletMore Brake Heat
bulletLess Cooling Airflow
bulletHigher Pressure
Duals Without Crossfire Outside Tire
bullet90% Tire Load
bulletLess Heat
bulletMore Cooling Airflow
bulletLower Pressure

Duals With Crossfire

Inside Tire
bullet100% + Tire Load
bulletEqual Pressure
bulletReduced Tire "Cupping"
bulletLong Even Wear
Duals Without Crossfire Outside Tire
bullet100% + Tire Load
bulletEqual Pressure
bulletReduced Tire "Cupping"
bulletLong Even Wear

Install and Save

Every mile you roll with Crossfire, saves you money. Big money. Install the leading dual tire pressure equalization system on the market, and begin saving 20% or more on tire wear.


Tire Life Savings

Savings Per Tire

Savings 8 Tires













Blowouts and leaks

Crossfire employs a safety feature that automatically isolates the "good" tire in the event of a blowout. When a blowout occurs, the internal safety valve closes immediately with only a slight loss of pressure to the "good" tire.

In slow leak situations, the valve isolates both tires after a pressure drop of approximately 10 P.S.I.
Dual Dynamics

Dual Dynamics, Inc. warrants the Dual-Guard System to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, and free from leakage for the life of the product. Complete warranty information is included with each product.

We carry the full line of products by DUAL-DYNAMICS, including CrossFire dual tire pressure equalization systems, Grease Hubs, Load Locks and more.   For other products, call us at 1-800-367-1253 or e-mail us.

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