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Use our secure online shopping cart system with confidence -- it's so secure, even we don't get to see your credit card number.  Here's how it works...

When you process your order, it is approved and processed live, by you, via an encrypted, secure gateway.  It is much the same as swiping your own credit card at the gas pump or grocery store.   Your credit card numbers and billing information are transmitted via a secure path. 

When you use our shopping cart, you are actually linked to a secure server powered by Americart.  Americart is a huge company with a round the clock staff of security specialists and an impressive list of international clients.  The goal of Americart's security team is to acheive one thing:  Deliver credit card information from the customer to the bank with the minimum possibility of exposure to prying eyes. Their primary tool for this is the utilization of secure data encryption. The information is encrypted between you and the cart, and then the bank retrieves credit card information the same way. Although orders are emailed to us in the clear, Americart strips off the credit card number.  The only disadvantage to this high-level security set up is that we'll have to phone you for your credit card number in the event that we need to issue a refund.  We felt the minor inconvenience was well worth peace of mind.

We could have purchased shopping cart software and handled security ourselves, but we chose to outsource the cart for two reasons:  First, we felt that it was prudent to leave important issues like internet security and credit card fraud to the experts.  Finally, we believe that in the unlikely event of a catastrophic security failure, any hacker who managed to break into Americart's encrypted system, would be likely to go after bigger clients than us.  We think any intelligent felon would try to hit Wells Fargo before going after us.  

Cart Secured by Verisign

Finally, rest assured that your privacy will be closely guarded.  We do not sell customer information to other merchants, nor do we spam our customers.  

Our customers are our highest priority.  Other ordering options are available so that you can choose the option that is most convenient for you.

Phone:    Just call 1-800-367-1253.  We'll be happy to process your order over the phone.  

Fax:    Complete "Check Out" and select "Order via Fax".  Print out your order, write your credit card information on the form, and fax it to us at 402-228-1551.  Pre-approved customers write "Bill Me" on the top of the form.

E-Mail:   Pre-approved customers may e-mail us , for delayed billing.  Please do not e-mail credit card information.

Mail:   Complete "Check Out" and choose the "Order via Mail"..  Then just print out your order.  Write your credit card information on the form or enclose a check, payable to Rhen Marshall, Inc.   Pre-approved customers write "Bill Me" in the "notes" portion of the form.  Mail your order to:

Rhen Marshall, Inc.
ATTN:  Wholesale Order Dept.
P.O. Box 622
Beatrice, NE 68310-0622


M I D N I G H T    B L A C K    G R A P H I C S

To save the cart buttons to your local disk, just put your mouse cursor over the image you wish to save, then hit your RIGHT mouse button. You will get a pop-up menu, and one of the choices will be to "save image as..." (or similar). Then just save it.



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