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Scooters & Independent Living Aids
For determined people who won't let anything slow them down.

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We carry a full line of independent living aids including scooters, barrier-free lifts, stair lifts, turn out seats and more.  Most folks qualify for insurance or Medicare reimbursement.  We'd be happy to make some phone calls and see if you qualify, and if you do, we'll handle all of the paperwork for you.  We're programming our shopping cart as quickly as we can for online scooter ordering.  Meanwhile, visit our informational site at www.ScootersInc.com .  Don't worry about your privacy.  We do not collect cookies or spam our customers.  We will not contact you unless you request a test drive.  Visit www.ScootersInc.com to learn how to schedule a test drive or phone 1-800-367-1253 for more information.



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