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Innovative Technologies

  Innovative Technologies at Fleetguard, Inc.
Since 1958, Fleetguard, Inc. has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of innovative technology for air intake, filtration and exhaust systems. We hold more than 200 active global patents for new product designs.

We develop new technologies to meet our customers' needs for:

bullet Environmentally friendly solutions for disposal, noise and pollution concerns
bullet Increased vehicle uptime
bullet Lower operating costs
bullet Optimized performance

Advancements that have revolutionized the industry include:

bullet ES System? products, which allow extended service intervals without compromising engine protection
bullet StrataPore? synthetic media, with three times the performance capability of traditional filtration media
bullet Centriguard? centrifugal lube filtration, with ConeStaC? technology
bullet Magnum RS? radial seal air filtration
bullet OptiGuard? remote mount fuel refining system
bullet Venturi? Combo lube filtration technology
bullet OptiAir? air filtration technology
bullet ES Compleat? lifetime coolant system

Seeking New Solutions For Customer Needs
As the technology leader, we continue to develop new products that are ahead of the industry. For example, we recently developed several new applications for StrataPore? media and introduced advanced high-pressure spin-ons for hydraulic applications. In addition, we are working on exhaust after-treatment solutions to minimize environmental concerns associated with diesel exhaust pollution around the world.

We are at work to make your business easier. . .and the environment cleaner.


Innovative Technologies

Extended Service Interval (ESI) Products
As the world's leading supplier of filtration and exhaust systems and services, Fleetguard, Inc. offers the solution for extending service intervals without compromising performance or equipment resale value. Our comprehensive line of ES System? products is designed specifically for extended service intervals (ESI)?to maximize equipment uptime and minimize total maintenance costs.

ES System? products increase the time a vehicle is operating and making money?not sitting in a maintenance bay.

"Real World" ESI Testing
We rigorously examine our ES System? products for both "real world" (engine) and laboratory (bench) test performance to ensure their capability and reliability in ESI environments. When our ES products are released, there is no doubt of their performance in extended service situations.

Extended Service Without Compromise
As we develop new products, we strive to introduce technically-advanced solutions that offer clear performance advantages to make our customers successful. ES System? products enable you to reduce maintenance expenditures with systems specifically designed for longer change intervals.

Our ES System? line includes:

bullet Magnum? and Magnum RS? air filtration systems, which provide the highest efficiency and capacity for longer service life.
bullet ES Compleat? lifetime coolant, ES Liquid?, WF2121, WF2122, WF2123 and WF2131 coolant filtration systems and supplemental coolant additives, which provide chemical protection and stability over longer service intervals.
bullet OptiGuard? FH23000 remote-mount fuel refining system, which removes the highest percentage of water/contaminants without shortening filter life.
bullet Venturi? Combo full flow/by-pass lube filtration system, which removes higher sludge levels associated with longer oil drain intervals.


Innovative Technologies

StrataPore? Filtration Media
Most filters look the same on the outside. It's what's inside that counts. Fleetguard? exclusively designed StrataPore? synthetic media in our Media Center for optimum performance and longer life. Unlike cellulose and microglass media, StrataPore? is multi-layered, with an optimum number of layers for the desired level of particle removal.

StrataPore's? benefits are:

bullet Strength and durability
bullet Less compromise of efficiency and life due to multi-layering
bullet Organic contaminant tolerance
bullet Lower filter restriction

Stronger and More Durable Filter Media
Our unique meltblown manufacturing process produces layers composed of continuous, high-strength polymeric fiber, which results in a stronger, more durable bond that maintains media strength.

ESI Compatibility
The ability to optimize individual sheets for desired particle-size removal provides StrataPore? with increased total media filtration efficiency?particularly effective in extended service environments (ESI) .

StrataPore? offers this capability without sacrificing inorganic contaminant removal. With traditional media, trade offs are made between high efficiency and high capacity. StrataPore? allows customers to extend service intervals without compromise.

Lower Filter Restriction: Higher Performance
Its unique layering capabilities also allow StrataPore? to provide nearly 50% reduction of filter restriction during cold start. With traditional media, pore size must be reduced, increasing the pressure required to force oil through the media. The smaller range in StrataPore? media results in more repeatable, controllable filtration performance.

Award Winning Performance
StrataPore? has been recognized throughout the filtration industry as a superior innovation, including receipt of an award from the American Filtration Society for its technologically advanced design.



Innovative Technologies

Centriguard? Centrifuge Filters
To meet today's increasingly stringent environmental requirements, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are changing engine designs to reduce harmful exhaust emissions. Such design changes can result in an increase in contaminant levels of lube oil?particularly soot, which can cause valve bridge and fuel injection wear, filter plugging, bearing failures and sludge formation.

At the same time, end users need to extend their oil drain intervals and reduce costly downtime. Fleetguard? has created a solution to meet both of these critical needs: Centriguard? Centrifuge filters.

The Benefits of Centriguard?
Centriguard? centrifuge filters meet the specifications required for today's diesel engines worldwide and offer:

bullet Lower operating costs - Equipment can operate in extended service environments (ESI) with lower part-replacement and service costs.
bullet Increased vehicle uptime - With its patented ConeStaC? technology, Centriguard? offers lower wear rates, resulting in lower oil consumption than conventional filters and decreased vehicle downtime through extended filter life.
bullet Reduced environmental waste - The ConeStaC? system is composed of a plastic liner shell, plastic cones and plastic base plate, which make it completely disposable and incinerable. This means less waste in disposal and minimal environmental impact.

Broad Range of Applications
Fleetguard? offers a wide variety of OEM "first fit" and aftermarket centrifuge systems for diesel engines, transmissions, and industrial applications worldwide, including 18 liter and above diesel engines, 450 hp and above and 335 KW and above. Retrofit capabilities also allow mounting the centrifuge system remotely from the engine, if required.

Optional configurations include:

bullet CH44104 - Bottom drain unit with metric threads
bullet CH44110/CH44115 - Custom integrated design for Cummins K19 and Q19 liter diesel engines
bullet CH44120 - Side drain unit with English threads
Centriguard Installation Instructions

Need instructions for installing your Centriguard? filter system? To download or view the instructions (in Adobe Acrobat PDF format), just click here for part one, and here for part two.

Need to install the Acrobat plug-in? Go here to download it, free of charge.


Innovative Technologies

Magnum RS? Radial Seal Air Filtration
Magnum RS? radial seal primary and safety air elements provide total coverage for all your on- and off-highway trucks and equipment. We offer Magnum RS? for all major manufacturers including Caterpillar, GM, Chrysler, Ford, Freightliner, Kenworth, International, PACCAR, Volvo and others.

The Fleetguard? Magnum RS? technology offers the following advantages:

bullet New resin-treated cellulose media, corrugated to maximum depth, provides a greatly increased filtering surface and precise channels for better airflow.
bullet Pleat spacing provides straight, evenly spaced pleats for optimum airflow and contaminant holding capacity.
bullet Pleat locking: spiral hotmelt beads allow for proper alignment and protection of pleats throughout the life of the filter.
bullet Specially designed Mag-Grip? handle for off-highway applications makes for easier filter removal and installation.
bullet Closed metal endplate with corrosion-resistant plating eliminates the possibility of moisture related rusting.
bullet Polyurethane seal offers superior protection on radial seal housings.
bullet Safety filters are engineered to match perfectly with the Fleetguard? primary elements



Innovative Technologies

OptiGuard? Remote Mount Fuel Refining System
The OptiGuard? system helps you maintain an efficient, clean fuel system and avoid costly downtime. In fact, the OptiGuard? remote-mount fuel refining system with an FS19557 StrataPore? element may be the only fuel filtration system you need.

Three Times the Life of Conventional Filters
The OptiGuard? FH23000 remote-mount fuel refining system is so effective that it meets or exceeds Cummins 10-micron, Detroit Diesel 8-micron and Caterpillar 13-micron specifications and provides up to three times the filter life of conventional filters.

OptiGuard? Saves Time and Money!
With its advanced technology, OptiGuard? provides exceptional cost and time benefits. Plus, OptiGuard? is easily adaptable on all applications. Check out the advantages below.

Feature Benefit
bullet No need to drain or prime
bullet Self-venting/self-closing valve
bullet At-a-glance inspection for optimum performance
bullet One element for all applications
bullet Optional elements for up to 75,000 miles
bullet Lowest overall restriction for optimum engine power
bullet Improved injector life



Innovative Technologies

Venturi? Combo Lube Filtration
The Venturi? Combo takes lube filtration to a new level of performance. As part of our ES System? product line, the Venturi? Combo lube filter offers key benefits that support extended service intervals (ESI) without compromising engine protection. Like all our ES System products, the Venturi? Combo can help reduce unexpected, expensive repairs and downtime.

Extended Service Without Compromise
The Venturi? Combo's key features support ESI:

bullet Enhanced gasket and media durability
bullet Real world contaminant removal
bullet Real world contaminant capacity
bullet Low cold-flow restriction

Real World Testing and Performance
Sludge, which occurs when contaminants concentrate in oil, causes extreme engine wear. In the real world outside the laboratory, sludge is an all-too-common enemy. By using real world testing, not simple bench testing, Fleetguard? has proven that the Venturi? Combo's by-pass-stacked discs remove harmful sludge and allow the lube system to perform more effectively than full-flow only synthetic filters. In fact, the Venturi? Combo removes up to three times as many contaminants as full-flow-only synthetic filters.

By-pass Filtration: Superior By Design
Fleetguard? led the industry by developing by-pass filtration in the 1980s. This technology was quickly adopted as standard by many original equipment manufacturers worldwide. The Venturi? Combo, featuring our patented StrataPore? media and stacked-disc design, removes the smallest dirt particles?which cause the most engine damage?and reduces engine wear by more than 60%, in some cases.

Here's how it works: First, the patented Venturi? nozzle creates a low-pressure zone to help oil flow efficiently through the stacked-disc section. Then, the nozzle diffuser maximizes the flow through the pleated StrataPore? media for minimum total-filter restriction.

Why is this better? Because in the real world:

bullet Cellulose media and current gasket materials are not durable enough for extended service use.
bullet Low flow restriction is critical to engine protection, especially in cold-start situations.
bullet Lube filtration systems must have sludge-removal capabilities for extended service use.
bullet Filter plugging, high-soot engine testing is the best way to measure filter capacity.

Innovative design and thorough testing make Venturi? Combo the answer for your real world filtration needs.



Innovative Technologies

OptiAir? Air Filtration
OptiAir? is Fleetguard's new innovative patented technology in air filtration systems design. The pictures below display the differences between the OptiAir? design and conventional air filters.

OptiAir? Air Elements:
Leadership Through Innovation

OptiAir? air elements offer the following advantages:

bullet Higher capacity due to the increased media area, resulting in extended service intervals, reduced downtime, and lower maintenance costs.
bullet Lower restriction and pressure drop due to increased outlet area. The open design allows more air to flow through the element.
bullet Improved packaging options, with decreased size for original equipment manufacturers.

Conventional Air Filter Element OptiAir? Air Filter Element



Innovative Technologies

ES Compleat? Lifetime Coolant
Both engine manufacturers and maintenance organizations alike recommend the use of fully formulated coolants. Fully formulated or precharged coolants contain the Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs) required to protect heavy-duty diesel engines. Fully formulated coolants also reduce labor costs and possible errors associated with precharging low-silicate antifreeze.

Fleetguard? combined its innovative Compleat fully formulated antifreeze with ES Coolant, its extended service fully formulated coolant, to create a Lifetime Coolant product for total cooling system protection?ES Compleat?.

ES Compleat? is an extended life product that protects your cooling system without compromise. And it's easy to use: after initial fill with ES Compleat?, simply top off with ES Compleat? any time additional coolant is needed. Or, convert your existing coolant by adding ES Extender? Liquid to your system. After one year, 150,000, 250,000 km or 4,000 hours, replace the WF2121 slow release chemical filter or replenish system with ES Extender? Liquid. Then get back on the road for another year!

Benefits of ES Compleat? Lifetime Coolant

bullet Low maintenance with easy annual service
bullet Highest liner pitting protection
bullet Improved water pump life
bullet Compatible with all antifreezes
bullet Suitable for all diesel, gasoline, and natural gas engines

ES Compleat? Is Versatile
In addition to use in extended service environments, ES Compleat? can also be used in standard maintenance programs with the same full-protection and low-maintenance benefits.

ES Compleat? meets or exceeds all fully formulated heavy-duty and light-duty low silicate specifications, including TMC RP-330, TMC RP-338, ASTM D-6211, ASTM D-5216, SAE J2306, and the performance requirements of Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, International, Volvo, and Mack.

Both Ethylene Glycol (EG) and less-toxic Propylene Glycol (PG) formulations are available in premix (50% deionized water) and concentrate packaging.

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