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Please e-mail us , or phone 1-800-367-1253 to order Service Parts. 

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Service Parts
We want to make it easier for you to conduct your business by providing all the service parts your systems require. With our comprehensive line of high quality service parts for all your filtration system products, we are your one-stop shopping source.

We Have All Your Needs Covered
Our comprehensive line of service parts includes:

bullet Air Systems
Maximizing use of available air filter life is critical. Our air filter restriction gauges allow you to extend service intervals without any doubt about when to change your air filter. We also offer mounting bands, clamps, rubber elbows, stack caps, and more.
bullet Cooling Systems
Coolant filter heads and brackets are available, as well as refractometers to determine coolant freeze point for adequate protection, and sampling pumps and probalyzers for testing engine fluids.
bullet Crankcase Breathers
For adequate venting of the crankcase, crankcase breathers are available for turbo and non-turbo applications.
bullet Fuel Systems
We offer a complete line of fuel filter housings, including bulk-tank fuel filter bases and bowls, heads, and spin-on adaptors. Our fuel restriction gauges (dash and remote-mount) determine remaining service life of fuel filters and support extended service environments.
bullet Heavy Duty Filter Crushers
Disposal of used filters is a critical issue to meeting environmental regulations. You can choose from several options for truck filters, as well as high-volume applications for many automotive, large truck, and industrial filters.
bullet Lube Systems
Lube filter housings and remote-mount heads for both full flow and by-pass filters are available, as well as spin-on adaptors and retro-fit components and spare parts.
bullet Power Steering and Transmission Systems
A variety of complete assemblies are available, including 2-, 4- and 10-quart, reservoirs and remote-mount conversion heads.
bullet Service Tools
Fleetguard? offers band wrenches and strap wrenches in many sizes for assuring adequate installation and easy removal of your spin-on filters. Filter cutters are also available to help you troubleshoot your system.

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We carry the entire line of Fleetguard products, and we're adding them to our online system just as fast as we can.  For items not yet listed, please call us at 1-800-367-1253 or e-mail us , and we'll be happy to help you out. 

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The Fleetguard? Warranty
Our warranty is the best in the industry! We put a lot of work into designing a clear, simple warranty that provides the best protection in the industry. 
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