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Please e-mail us , or phone 1-800-367-1253 to order Cold Weather Aids.

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Cold Weather Aids
We offer a wide range of superior quality cold weather aids for most applications. The Fleetguard? product line exemplifies our commitment to being your global solution provider and includes:

bullet Battery warmer blankets
bullet Coolant heating products
bullet Diesel fuel warmers
bullet Heavy-duty starting fluid systems
bullet Oil heating products

Battery Warmer Blankets
Batteries have only 75% of their cranking power available at 10?F (-12?C). By -5?F (-20?C), only about 60% is available; by -40?F (-40?C), cranking power is virtually non-existent. Battery warmers plug into the nearest outlet to retain cranking power for ready starts. The Fleetguard? wrap-around battery warmers feature:

bullet Enough warmth to keep full battery power through the coldest nights
bullet Fast and easy installation
bullet Oil- and acid-resistant heavy vinyl cover
bullet Thick, fiberglass insulation retains warmth even when the warmer is not plugged in

Our blankets are CSA approved. Not recommended for nickel cadmium batteries.

Coolant Heating Products
Fleetguard? offers both immersion heaters and remote-mount coolant tank heaters. Their purpose is to keep coolant and cylinders warm so that cranking power is used to heat the fuel, not the cold metals surrounding it. Because the combustion temperatures needed to ignite No. 2 diesel fuel are 550?F (285?C) to 600?F (315?C), warmed coolant is vital to the starting process, even in temperatures as warm as 50?F (10?C). Coolant should be maintained at a minimum of 120?F (50?C) for a diesel engine to start readily.

Diesel Fuel Warmers
The clouding and waxing of diesel fuel is a growing problem facing today's diesel engine operators. Poor refining and lower quality base fuel creates a situation where the ready flow of diesel fuel stops at even warmer temperatures. In addition, No. 1 diesel is no longer readily available in all climates. Diesel fuel additives are helpful but not completely effective, and they are expensive. Fleetguard's selection of diesel warming alternatives is representative of the best products on the market today. Make your selection based upon operating environment and other starting/warming aids in use on the vehicle.

Heavy-duty Starting Fluid Systems
We offer both electrically and manually actuated starting fluid systems. All kits provide a measured shot of starting fluid into the diesel engine manifold on demand, which aids ignition at low ambient temperatures. Most kits include the most popular atomizers, which are color-coded for easy installation.

Oil Heating Products
Lube oil heaters are needed to keep lubricant flowing freely so that full power is available immediately. Adaptable to all sumps, these heaters should be installed at a low point in the sump to allow heat to rise. Engine oil, transmission fluid, and hydraulic fluid may be warmed with Fleetguard? oil immersion heaters. Special attention should be paid to wattage requirements according to system capacity and temperature in the environment. The use of 10 to 20 watts per quart of oil is recommended. In moderate climates, a thermostat is recommended in order to avoid charring or coking if wattage exceeds 10 watts per quart.

In addition to the products described in this page, Fleetguard? offers cold weather accessories such as wiring harnesses, power receptacles, extension cords and more.

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We carry the entire line of Fleetguard products, and we're adding them to our online system just as fast as we can.  For items not yet listed, please call us at 1-800-367-1253 or e-mail us , and we'll be happy to help you out. 

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The Fleetguard? Warranty
Our warranty is the best in the industry! We put a lot of work into designing a clear, simple warranty that provides the best protection in the industry. 
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